1-Year-Old Sits In Front Of Refried Beans, Then Photographer Catches Her Hysterical Reaction

February 24, 2017

If you’ve ever seen a baby eat cake, you know how excited they get about the thick, colorful frosting and the sweet, spongy interior.

You also probably know that babies can’t eat cake without making a huge mess of themselves — they somehow always manage to get frosting into the craziest places, like inside their ears or on the bottoms of their feet.

Because babies love cake so much, parents started commemorating babies’ first birthdays with cake smashes! A cake smash is where parents offer a cake to the baby, entirely for the purpose of letting them destroy it.

Cake smashes have become pretty normal for first birthdays, but I bet you haven’t seen this before: a taco smash.

One baby girl, Stella, loves rice and beans so much that instead of doing a cake smash for her first birthday, her parents, Jordan and Benjamin Ogden, decided to do a taco smash! Needless to say, Stella loved it.

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Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

Little Stella’s birthday was fiesta-themed, so it only made sense to have a taco smash instead of a cake smash.

Jordan and Ben hired Lyndsey’s PhotoCo to photograph Stella’s taco smash, and the pictures are too perfect.

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

First, Lyndsey took pictures of the tacos and toppings alone, making sure to get a shot before Stella got her little hands on everything.

With an adorable pinata in the background and cheese and lettuce sprinkled on the ground, there was only one thing missing: Stella.

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

When they sat Stella down in front of the tacos, her reaction was priceless.

She grinned from ear to ear, immediately reaching out to put her fingers directly into the refried beans.

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

Grabbing handfuls of rice, beans, and sour cream, Stella’s hands and face were immediately a huge mess.

Despite the food all over her, though, Stella couldn’t look happier.

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

After getting her fill of toppings, Stella finally left the beans and guacamole to pick up a taco.

Tacos are notoriously hard to eat, even for adults, so Stella struggled a bit before stuffing part of the taco shell into her mouth.

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

Stella loved her food so much that she even decided to share, offering a bite to Lyndsey behind the camera.

This little girl had quite a wonderful first birthday, and she definitely enjoyed herself!

Facebook / Lyndsey’s PhotoCo

Everyone who has seen the pictures absolutely loves them.

One woman wrote, “I so love this idea, haven’t seen anyone come up with this. I can say you get the originality award. Precious baby.”

Many people responded saying they wanted to do this for their own baby, and I can’t blame them!

What do you think of the taco smash instead of a cake smash?

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