10 Actors Told How Shooting Sex Scenes Really Feels

Professional actors are capable of real transformation miracles. They play psycho killers, desperate housewives, and superheroes. But when it comes to sex scenes, most of them feel extremely uneasy during the shooting. Lots of them agree that it’s more awkward and funny than sexy.

LikeAble collected some celebrities’ remarks about how they felt during their sex scenes.

Blue Valentine

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Actors: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams

“We shot the beginning of our relationship first, and it was fun and alive. Then we did the sex scenes and it was…toxic. Ryan and I had stopped relating to each other as Ryan and Michelle. Those scenes took forever. I had a long drive from set to home each night, and I would roll down all the windows and turn up the music as loud as I could and hang my head out the window like a dog and scream. It was my escape.”

Michelle Williams

No Strings Attached

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Actors: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher

“There is sort of always this awkward state of, is this OK, is that OK? And then in between it’s like, just, let’s act like nothing happened. And then you see how good of an actor you really are.”

Ashton Kutcher

Gone Girl

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Actors: Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris

“You’re alone with a man who’s not your husband who also has a husband…he’s in his underwear, you’re in your underwear, and you’re sort of dry humping on a bed.”

Rosamund Pike

Love & Other Drugs

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Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway

“I thought, OK, I’m going to be in control. I’m going to do everything properly, disrobe at the last minute, and in between shots get the clothes back on. But then I found that every time I put my robe back on, it rubbed all the body makeup off, and that added 20 minutes to filming. As with all things in life, the second you stop making it about you and you make it about everyone else, it just got, dare I say, fun.”

Anne Hathaway

Black Swan

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Actors: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis

“It’s hard to have a sex scene, period. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, a male, a female. You’re with 100-something crew members, lighting you, repositioning you, there’s no comfort whatsoever.”

Mila Kunis

Crank: High Voltage

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Actors: Jason Statham, Amy Smart

“Trying to do an aggressive sex scene is quite difficult. Especially in a public place with a crowd of screaming extras with their little camera phones going click-click, taking pictures of your pasty white ass.”

Jason Statham


© Studio Canal

Actors: Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried

“It was so…awkward. And you can never destroy that awkwardness; it’s always going to be there — even when you’re with somebody for the first time in real life. It’s just strange”

Amanda Seyfried

The Wolf of Wall Street

© Appian Way

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and others

“When you take on a character like this and you want to accurately reflect the nature of who these people are, you just gotta do it. You can’t think about yourself, because it’s not me, it’s a depiction of somebody else.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

A Dangerous Method

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Actors: Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender

“[I did] a couple of shots of vodka — definitely — beforehand, and then a couple of glasses of champagne as a celebration of never having to do that again!”

Keira Knightley


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Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt

“The audience watches erotic scenes thinking everything is damn sexy, but in reality the actors know that nothing is more awkward and clumsy than erotics in the movie. By the way, Chris is a true gentleman. He tried really hard to make sure that I was comfortable and calm. It’s not his first sex scene. Before shooting, he invited me for a glass of wine to relax. I agreed.”

Jennifer Lawrence

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