10 Amazing First Ladies Who Overshadowed Their Husbands

February 13, 2017

First Ladies are always in sight. They should look awesome and be a role model in everything: from social activities to family and fashion. The very best have charm, wit, style, and a strong character.

The LikeAble’s post is devoted to the state leaders’ wives who managed to win the hearts of millions.

Jacqueline Kennedy, USA

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“My task is to show the world that America is not a country of bad taste,“ said Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of US President John F. Kennedy. And she succeeded: as a style icon, Jacqueline still inspires designers and filmmakers. ”The dress should be tight enough to show that you’re a woman and loose enough to show that you’re a lady.” Jackie also captivated people with her gentleness, humor, sharp wit, and eternal devotion to her husband.

Michelle Obama, USA

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Lively and natural, Michelle Obama earns respect. In an obese America, Michelle launched a program called “Let’s Move!” and established a garden in the White House, setting an example of healthy eating. Her sense of style is also worth special praise: feminine and fashionable. In public speaking, Michelle overshadowed even her husband.

Grace Kelly, Monaco

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On top: Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in “To Catch a Thief” by Hitchcock. At the bottom: Her wedding with Rainier and their children.

The beautiful and successful Hollywood actress abandoned her movie career to become a princess. She married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. At her first Christmas Ball as a princess, Grace invited children from all over the princedom. In 1982, the Princess died in an accident. She was a truly iconic figure.

Carla Bruni, France

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No one knows who benefited from this marriage most; it is not without reason that Nicolas looks at his wife so adoringly.

A successful top model, singer, and poetess with beauty and intelligence — the world knew her before it heard about the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite a rather scandalous past, Carla quickly became a favorite of French women, primarily because of her freedom-loving nature.

Melania Trump, USA

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On top: Melania became the Levi’s face and gives autographs in a brand store. At the bottom: First Lady Melania Trump dancing at the presidential inauguration in a dress she designed herself especially for the ceremony.

The Trumps cause different feelings, but one thing is certain: Melania catches everyone’s eyes. She began her career at 16, performing in shows in Milan and Paris. In 1999, the model met Donald Trump. The billionaire was turned down, but he started courting her so zealously that soon his feelings were appreciated.

Chantal Biya, Cameroon

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Bottom left: Chantal Biya came to see the Pope. Bottom right: She is friends with Carla Bruni.

The First Lady of Cameroon cannot remain unnoticed. Chantal is engaged in charity, and the first African International Reference Center for Research on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management bears her name. Outside the country, the kind and charming First Lady of Cameroon is known much more than her husband, President Paul Biya.

Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, State of Qatar

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At the bottom: Sheikha Mozah with her husband. In 2010, Qatar became the first Islamic country that won the right to host a football World Cup.

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, the wife of the former Emir of Qatar, is one of the most stylish women of the East. Despite the tradition of the region, Mozah appears in public with an unveiled face, has a Ph.D., is an Honorary Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and UNESCO’s Special Envoy.

She’s considered the “gray cardinal” of Qatar. It’ll just suffice to mention the fact that the current Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani wasn’t the eldest son and heir. Contrary to the usual principle of seniority, the throne of Qatar was succeeded by Sheikha Mozah’s son. The country’s modernization and the establishment of relations with the Western world are said to be her achievements.

Queen Letizia, Spain

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Letizia, the wife of King Philip VI of Spain, is a beautiful socialite, fashion icon, and the mother of two charming daughters. The Queen is more famous abroad than her royal husband — at least among women, as fashion magazines always write about her. Letizia had an excellent career as a journalist. After she became Princess, she won numerous awards for her achievements in the protection of children and the promotion of culture and education.

Queen Rania, Jordan

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This elegant woman is the wife of the King of Jordan and the mother of four children. Rania’s story is that of a modern Cinderella. An ordinary girl, she worked in a Citibank office in Amman, and there she met her future husband.

The Queen says she considers herself to be a truly Arab woman and devotes most of her time to her family. But at the same time she heads a fund which fights for women’s rights, stands against child abuse, supports vaccination programs and organ donation, and aims to equip all schools of Jordan with computers. Rania is actively involved in international policy, and she is a patron of the arts.

“The Peony Fairy” Peng Liyuan, PRC

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PRC President Xi Jinping’s wife is a famous Chinese singer. When she met her future husband in 1986, almost no one had heard of him, but Peng Liyuan was well known and loved. She is smart, has a strong character, and holds considerable influence in the country. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a Major General.

Peng is called “The Peony Fairy” among people. The peony, as a particularly revered flower in China, is associated with the emperor’s symbol and embodies beauty and sensuality.

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