10 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Party Photos From Decades Past

February 24, 2017

Ah, weddings. They’re always such a production, even in the case of a small one.

Getting everything organized can be stressful, and making sure that everything looks just as it has in your dreams can cause quite the fuss.

In the end, they’re always lovely and worth it, even if some things go wrong here and there. When you look back at the photos of that day, you’re reminded of all the love that is in the air.

If there is one thing to really go all in on, it’s a wedding photographer. You wouldn’t want the day to go by undocumented, not after all the planning, anxiety, and eager anticipation.

These 10 vintage wedding party photos are all so interesting to look at. Even decades ago, folks were gathering with their closest friends and family, getting dressed up in matching dresses and tuxedos, and celebrating the union of two people in love.

These photos immortalize those very special days, and they’re absolutely precious!

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1. Smiling Bridesmaids

Instagram / wedding_parties_past

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a beautiful bride and her bridesmaids smiling together!

2. Pile In

Flcikr / Archives New Zealand / James Thompson

This photo of a wedding party loading into the car, taken in 1927 by James Thompson, is truly stunning.

3. Irish Prominence

Flickr / National Library of Ireland on The Commons

This photo shows a prominent marriage in Ireland on September 27, 1911. They may not be the cheeriest of folks, but just take a look at those flowers.

4. South Wales In The ’20s

Flickr / State Library of New South Wales

The two curly haired little angels holding hands in the corner are almost too cute to handle, but the bride’s 1922 dress steals the show.

5. The Whole Gang

Wikimedia Commons / Bo Stefan for family files, acquired by FamSAC

The whole family was present for this summer celebration. On June 16, 1940, this family and wedding party came together in Sweden to celebrate a beautiful marriage.

6. Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Instagram / wedding_parties_past

Look at the train on this beautiful bride’s dress, and the immaculate line-up of bridesmaids and groomsmen behind her!

7. Extreme Matching

Instagram / wedding_parties_past

These bridesmaids definitely all have to be sisters, don’t you think?

8. Ohio Wedding

Wikimedia Commons / Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections

Another summer wedding: July 10 in Oxford, Ohio. I hadn’t seen a woman wear a suit so early as 1910 before, but it’s lovely to see in this portrait!

9. The First Daughter’s Party

Flickr / Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives

Jesse Woodrow Wilson, President Woodrow Wilson’s daughter, got married to Francis Bowes Sayre Sr. in 1913. This is her very elegant wedding party, complete with unique headpieces.

10. Big Bows In Chicago

Wikimedia Commons / Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) archive

The marriage between Frank Woods and Daisy Jensen in 1918 took place in Chicago, and they required some pretty extravagant bows for their flower girls.

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