10+ Of The Best Single Dads Ever

February 18, 2017

Being a single parent is hard, but these dads are showing the world how it’s done by going the extra mile for their kids.

Single dads have unique challenges, especially when it comes to raising girls, who might find it hard to relate to a male role model sometimes. Taking a little nail polish for the team is always a quick fix, though, and learning how to braid hair like a boss is helpful as well. Even while working hard to provide for their little families, these dads find time to play.

Barack Obama once said that “any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.” If you’re a single dad raising your children with courage, add your sweetest moments with them below!
#1 Single Dad Couldn’t Do His Daughter’s Hair, So He Went To Beauty School

#2 My Daughter Turns Four Today. This Is My First Attempt At A Cake As A Single Dad. I Hope She Likes It!

#3 I’m A Single Father. My Favorite Color Is Green. And My Daughter Knows When I’ve Had A Hard Day At Work

#4 Single Father With His Daughter, Dressed As A Fairy And Princess

#5 This Is My Best Friend Aaron. He Became A Single Father At The Age Of 19

#6 After Wife’s Death During The Delivery, People Helped This Single Father To Recreate Her Recordings So Their Baby Could Listen To Mom’s Lullabies. Jarred Also Plans To Complete Wife’s Bucket List Together With Son James

#7 This Single Dad Is Making Heartwarming Illustrations Of Everyday Life With His Daughter

#8 Dad For The Win!

#9 I’m A Single Dad. My Daughter Asked When I’d Teach Her How To Shave Her Legs. Well, Today Was The Day

#10 As A Single Dad And Pilot, I Fly Passengers So I Can Go Home And Feed My Kid. I Also Often Take Her Around The World With Me