10+ Hilarious Pranks By Couples Who Are Not Afraid To Test Their Relationship

February 18, 2017

Valentines Day is approaching! That means it’s almost time to surprise your loved ones with something sweet. Or not so sweet…

If you’re more on the funny side and would rather pull a prank on your loved one than get him/her the usual flowers or chocolates, you’ll love this list of pranks pulled by couples, compiled by Bored Panda! From replacing toothpaste with mayonnaise to replacing toilet paper with duck tape – the list goes on! Take a look below, get inspired, feel free to add your own pics to the list, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

#2 “Sex After 40” Book Prank

#3 She Kept Getting On And Off The Scale Confused, And This Went On For 7 Minutes

#4 My Wife Wanted A Run-Of-The-Mill Birthday Party. I Asked Her, “So Just A Generic Party?” This Is The Result

#5 My Husband Always Leaves Me Notes When He Has To Leave Town For Work

#6 Wife Wanted A Family Portrait For Christmas. This Is What She Got

#7 Last Night I Told My Boyfriend, Who Is A Coke Fan, That I Like Pepsi Next. This Is What I Found When I Got Home Today

#8 Surprise Haircut On Girlfriend

#9 Honey, I’ve Done The Dishes

#10 Was Wondering Why My Wife Was Giggling When She Asked Me To Change The Air Filters