10+ Hilariously Relatable Comics About Adulthood

February 17, 2017

Do you often catch yourself fantasizing about the times when you didn’t have to work, had no taxes, but always had freshly laundered clothes and sheets along with decent food on your table? Do you have a newly found respect for your parents? If you answered yes, then (sorry to break it to you), you are an adult. Being an adult is hard, but being a fresh one is the hardest, I’m sure a 20-something like me can relate to that. Not only is there suddenly no time to do practically anything you love, there’s also the pressure of getting married, having children, buying a house while also maintaining a great career. No wonder so many of us are having the so called quarter life crisis. The expectations are too high and the stress is just too huge!

But there’s always a silver lining. Bored Panda collected some of the most relatable comics abut the struggles of adulthood so you’d remember that we’re all in this mess together!