10 Things You Should Absolutely Never Say To A Dog Owner

February 8, 2017

There are two types of people in this world: people who have pets, and people who don’t.

It can sometimes be difficult for one type of person to understand the other, since they can be so different in many ways. This is not to say that one is better than the other, just they they’re very different!

For those out there who might not have pets (or specifically dogs), there are some things that you should never say to a pet owner. Those canine companions are more than just an animal to that person: those pups are that parent’s everything, their whole world. To them, life without their pooch by their side is unimaginable.

So, for those who don’t know what it’s like to be a dog parent, we’ve laid out 10 things that you should never say to someone who does.

Are you a dog parent? Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments.

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1. “I’m Sorry Your Dog Died. When Are You Getting Another One?”

1. "I'm Sorry Your Dog Died. When Are You Getting Another One?"

A dog isn’t something to be replaced; he or she is a loving companion who will hold a special place in a dog owner’s heart for the rest of time. Sure, some folks might want to get another dog when the time is right, but it’s not a way to replace the old dog. The new dog will find an entirely new place of love in the owner’s heart.

2. “I’ve Read That Your Breed Is Mean.”

2. "I've Read That Your Breed Is Mean."

Sure, some breeds are genetically disposed to be a bit more protective than others, but no dog is simply born a savage beast. Aggressive dogs have to be taught how to be that way by abusive or neglectful humans. Plus, the dogs that are thought to be mean (like pit bulls for instance) are actually less genetically aggressive and possessive than chihuahuas. Just a bit of perspective!

3. “You Shouldn’t Let Her On The Sofa.”

3. "You Shouldn't Let Her On The Sofa."

If a dog parent wants to allow their fur child to snooze on the couch next to them, then so be it. To pet owners, living with fur is just a way of life – that’s what lint rollers are for! After all, you didn’t buy the couch, did you?

4. “Why Do You Talk To Your Dog So Much?”

4. "Why Do You Talk To Your Dog So Much?"

This one is just silly, because why not? Dogs do actually pick up on tone of voice, and they get great joy from the attention. They can also understand tons of commands, so to an extent, they really do understand what their adoring parents are saying to them, at least some of the time.

5. “Are You Sure You Want To Pay For All Of Those Vet Bills?”

5. "Are You Sure You Want To Pay For All Of Those Vet Bills?"

First of all, yes. If a dog parent is paying for the vet bills, they want to take care of the problem, and putting their pup down is not an option. Second of all, sure, it can be a struggle to be able to keep up with vet bills, but it’s a struggle worth working through. It’s not polite to ask about money, especially when it has to do with the life and death of someone’s very best friend in the whole wide world.

6. “Just Leave Her Alone For The Night, She’ll Be Fine.”

6. "Just Leave Her Alone For The Night, She'll Be Fine."

If you are not a pet owner, it’s hard to understand how hard it is to even say goodbye to a fur baby when you leave to go to work in the morning. If someone says they have to leave the party for a bit to go walk their dog and spend a bit of time with them, then do not question it. They are simply being the good, loving pet parent that they signed up to be. Plus, some dogs suffer from severe separation anxiety, and if their schedule is thrown off, she may have a severe anxiety attack.

7. “I Suppose You Don’t Want Kids Then, Right?”

7. "I Suppose You Don't Want Kids Then, Right?"

Dog parents and human parents aren’t mutually exclusive, at least not all the time. It can be insulting to assume that just because someone loves their dog, they don’t also want to have a child of their own. You don’t know if that person is having some kind of trouble with fertility or is possibly having trouble in a marriage. It’s not really an appropriate topic to bring up in the first place without adding the element of being a dog-only parent.

On the flip side, some people actually don’t want to have children, and your remark can be taken as a snide way of implying that they are making the wrong decision with their life.

8. “How Are You Going To Punish Your Dog For Misbehaving?”

8. "How Are You Going To Punish Your Dog For Misbehaving?"

Training a dog is a complicated endeavor, and if you don’t go about it the right way, you will just confuse and scare your pup. Good dog parents know this, which means that they know punishing a dog after the fact isn’t always going to work. The pup won’t be able to connect the bad behavior with the punishment, and will just think the owner is being cruel. Unless you yourself are a skilled dog trainer, then it’s better to leave the punishment and training to the pet parent.

9. “Don’t You Think You Spend Too Much Time With Your Dog?”

9. "Don't You Think You Spend Too Much Time With Your Dog?"

Some people like to go out to fancy brunches, while others like to go to big concerts with thousands of people. Others, though, simply like going on long hikes with their dogs. We all like to do different things, and dog parents are sure to love spending tons of time with their best furry friend. Live and let live, as I and many others always say.

10. “You Adopted? Aren’t You Afraid Of What Breed She Really Is?”

10. "You Adopted? Aren't You Afraid Of What Breed She Really Is?"

Adopting a dog is one of the most noble things that a person can do, because it is literally saving a life. These dogs could have gone through so much, and no matter what breed they are, they will be grateful for human love and compassion. A dog from a shelter might even be more loving that a purchased dog, because the bond formed once that pet parent takes the poochie out of their concrete cage is like nothing else, no matter what lies within the dog’s bloodline.

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