10 Things You Should Never Say To A Teacher

February 11, 2017

Teachers have one of the most difficult, high-stakes jobs out there, if you ask my humble opinion.

Teachers are the all too often unsung heroes of our society, and they deserve our respect, don’t you think? After all, the minds of the future generations are in their hands.

Teachers are also, unfortunately, often met with a lot of hostility and judgment from others. Some people don’t understand how much goes into running a classroom and making sure that each and every child gets the best learning experience possible.

Accordingly, there are things that you should never say to a teacher, and these are 10 of the biggest no-nos.

Are there teachers in your life that you know deserve so much more respect and recognition than they’re getting? Did we miss any common sayings from our list that teachers are tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments and please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook!

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1. “Must Be Nice To Just Play With Kids All Day”

never say to a teacher story time

Being a teacher is so much more than just reading out loud to students or playing games with them. It’s about getting them to comprehend the things around them on a much deeper level, no matter what age the class is. From preschool to college, teaching is never just playtime — teachers put in a lot of work each and every day.

2. “You Must Not Be Doing A Good Job If The Test Scores Are Low”

never say to a teacher bad grades

Grace Eire

Test scores are not everything. According to ASCD, there are many flaws within standardized testing. Some students simply don’t respond well to testing, and some of the best teachers in the world have students like this. It isn’t necessarily a reflection of a teacher’s skill level!

3. “I Know This Stuff. I Bet I Could Teach It”

teacher writing on blackboard never say to teacher

The difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to teach a child how to do something is immense. You have to be patient, you have to be understanding, and you have to be determined. I had a piano teacher once who was an incredible musician, but he had no idea how to teach. He just assumed that his students would understand as well as he did. Teaching is so much more than knowing how to do!

4. “Have You Considered Making Class More Fun?”

never say to a teacher fun

There are some things that can’t be taught with balloons and confetti or even with paint and constant creativity. A teacher’s job is to teach the children, not entertain them all day. Of course lessons will be fun when possible, but learning comes first!

5. “You Should Focus More On The Kids And Less On Your Salary”

never say to a teacher salary

Teachers’ salaries are a major issue. Many simply aren’t getting paid enough, according to the National Education Association. Of course teachers worry about their students, but they also have to worry about paying their bills and supporting their own families, just like everyone else.

6. “My Kid Isn’t Getting It. What Are You Doing Wrong?”

never say to a teacher struggling student

It’s totally OK to bring up the fact that your kid isn’t doing well, but accusing the teacher of doing a bad job? That’s a no-no. There are so many other factors that can go into a child doing poorly in school, and you should instead have an open dialogue with the teacher in order to determine what the real problem is, and how to mend it.

7. “Are You Teaching Anything Important This Week?”

never say to a teacher lesson plan

Yes. Of course. Every day is an important day! Lessons build upon material learned, and if you plan on taking your child out of class, then you have to understand that there will be catching up to do.

8. “You Don’t Have Kids? How Can You Be A Good Teacher?”

never say to teacher in classroom

Just because a teacher doesn’t have kids of his or her own doesn’t mean that they are incapable of connecting with and understanding their students. That’s downright ridiculous! You never know why someone hasn’t had children yet, and it’s none of your business. It could be a very sensitive subject.

9. “I Pay Taxes, So It’s Kind Of Like I’m Your Boss”

never say to a teacher taxes

This is downright silly. Lots of salaries come from taxpayers, but that doesn’t mean the people are all of their bosses. Just because some teachers get paid with tax dollars doesn’t mean that they are servants. It means that they are providing a public service that not everyone is willing or able to do.

10. “It Can’t Be That Hard Since You Get Summers Off”

never say to a teacher summer break

Sure, summer vacation is a pretty good perk to being a teacher. However, that doesn’t undercut the long hours spent making lesson plans and correcting papers. Being a teacher is a tough job, summer vacation or not!

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