10+ US Presidents When They Were Young

February 17, 2017

Most of us probably have a very vivid picture of how a US president looks. However, before men become the most powerful people in the free world, they are regular guys just like us. For example, Harry S. Truman was a timekeeper in the railway, while Andrew Johnson was a tailor.

To illustrate that one day they were just like us, Bored Panda has collected a list of portraits of US presidents when they were young. You can barely recognize them, and if you think presidency is an easy job – take a look at how presidents look before and after their terms in office.

#1 Barack Obama, Age 18

#2 Theodore Roosevelt, Age 20

#3 John F. Kennedy, Age 21 And 20

#4 Gerald Ford, Age 18 And 20

#5 Abraham Lincoln, Late 30s (Earliest Confirmed Photo)

#6 Bill Clinton, Age 22 And 26

#7 Ronald Reagan, Age 29

#8 Franklin Roosevelt, Age 18

#9 Jimmy Carter, Age 18

#10 Rutherford B. Hayes, Age 30