10 Uses of Condoms You’d Never Imagine

February 13, 2017

While we’re all aware of the most obvious use for condoms, it actually turns out that they’re a pretty versatile, multi-functional item!

Here LikeAble explores some hacks that might make you look at them in a new light.

1. A fruit saver

© hercampus.com

Yep! Roll one of these over a piece of fruit to keep it fresh in your bag! Just maybe don’t take it out in front of your co-workers.

2. Individual elastic bands

© youtube.com/thaitricks

Starting from the end, cut vertically along the length of the condom 3-5mm apart. By the time you get to the end you’ll have a whole pile of makeshift elasctic bands!

3. Cold pack

© instructables.com

Fill with water and rubbing alcohol to a ratio of 3:1, then put it in the freezer. Next time you sprain something, this will provide a cold press that will shape itself to wherever you put it.

4. Waterproof phone holder

© instructables.com

To avoid the dreaded iPhone-in-a-bowl-of-rice situation, here’s a phone holder that will remain waterproof even if your phone is completely submerged!

5. Shoe shiner

© youtube.com/thaitricks

The latex in the condom makes for a surprisingly good shoe polisher. Simply take the condom out of the packet, and rub it over your favorite pair to get them back to their shiny best.

6. Waterproof bandage

© cartman.tv

Most plasters and bandages can become useless if you’re stuck in the rain: to keep them secure, cut the end off a condom, and use it as a waterproof adhesive! This can also be used when you’re taking a shower.

7. Soda cover

© youtube.com/thaitricks

To keep your soda from going flat once you’ve opened the can, try rolling a condom over it. This will keep it fresh and probably ensure that no-one else will want to steal it!

8. Fire starters

© youtube.com/thaitricks

Condoms catch fire very easily, so they are useful if you’re trying to start a fire. However, they only burn for a few moments, so make sure you’ve got other kindling ready to add!

9. Stress ball

© youtube.com/thaitricks

An easy DIY remedy to stress: take a condom, fill it with flour or rice, tie a knot in the end, and there you have it! Prepare to squeeze all your worries away.

10. Jar opener

© sooziq.com

No more boiling water or banging against worktops needed! Stretch the opening of a condom over the lid of the jar, and then open as normal. The added lubricant will help it to open more smoothly.

Source Thaitrick