11 Things We Do That Dogs Absolutely Hate

February 26, 2017

There are quite a few ways we can get our dogs mad without even realizing it.

Today LikeAble would like to tell you about 11 of these annoying habits our beloved pets don’t fancy at all.

Hugging your dog

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We might think that there is nothing wrong with wrapping our arms around our pets, but, in fact, most dogs don’t like it. While some of them will tolerate a hug, others will see it as an act of dominance.

Using words more than body language

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Since dogs can’t understand what we say, apart from maybe a few phrases, they need to read our gestures to figure out what is wanted of them. So mixing verbal and physical commands can be quite confusing for our animal buddies.

Patting their heads

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Reaching out and petting a dog is totally normal for us. Yet while many of them will put up with their heads being tapped, most of them don’t really enjoy it.

Keeping eye contact

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We can stare into the eyes of our furry friends for as long as we want, but keeping eye contact with a dog that doesn’t know you is inadvisable as it can trigger aggressive reactions.

Lacking rules and structure

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Dogs insist on an organized routine, and they need to know where their limits are. Sticking with structure and enforcing rules will comfort them and help build their trust in you.

Keeping them on a tight leash

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Dogs are masters at interpreting our thoughts and feelings through the leash. Holding it tightly signals to them that you are stressed, and it makes them uneasy too. Keeping the leash loose tells them that everything is fine, and they can calm down as well.

Not letting them explore and smell

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Exploring their surroundings by smelling things is the ABCs of a dog. If you don’t let her take her time to sniff around while on a walk, your dog may well miss a chance to soak up the world outside your door.

Forcing them to interact with dogs and people they don’t like

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Pushing a dog to face her fears and make contact with other dogs or strangers that they are afraid of or simply don’t want to interact with is often very counterproductive and can even be retaliated with a bite.

Being tense

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Being experts at reading our body language, dogs easily mimic exactly how we feel. The more anxious you are, the more anxious your dog becomes. If you want your pet to calm down, you need to calm down first.

Being boring

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An owner who is busy doing dull chores around the house and showing little interest in playing is every pet’s nightmare. So make sure you spend some joyful time with your loyal friend who has been waiting all day for you to come home and play.

Exposing them to strong smells

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Dogs are about 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive to smells than we are. Because of this, they don’t like to be exposed to strong scents. So when you are planning to use anything that may disturb their smell, just do them a favor and remember to do it while they are a good distance away.

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Based on materials from Mother Nature Network, iHeartDogs.com