11 Things You Never Knew About Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

February 24, 2017

Ina Garten is most well known for her cooking shows, but her fans love her even more for her amazing personality.

Ina seems to really have it all figured out. She has a loving husband, she’s always wearing a smile on her face, she’s content with exactly who she is, and she’s always having the time of her life with her best friends. To be able to do all of this, though, she had to work very hard.

Have you ever wondered what Ina’s life is like when the cameras aren’t rolling? She’s a pretty gosh darn incredible woman! She and her husband Jeffrey don’t have any children, but their lives are rich and lovely all the same.

These 11 little tidbits are just a part of her fascinating bio. They show what an unbelievable woman she really is.

Don’t you think that going to one of Ina’s dinner parties with her and her husband would be one of the best experiences ever? I know it’s at the top of my wish list!

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Thumbnail Source: Instagram / inagarten

1. She Met Jeffrey When She Was Only 15 Years Old

Instagram / inagarten

When Ina was visiting her older brother at Dartmouth at the age 15, she met the 17-year-old Jeffrey. They immediately felt a spark and were married by the ages of 20 and 22, respectively. She even postponed her own schooling for a bit so that the two of them could be together.

2. She Worked For The White House

Wikimedia Commons / Ad Meskens

Ina’s career didn’t start in cooking. She once worked for the White House Office of Management and Budget. One of her many duties was writing the nuclear energy budget, which is no small task!

3. She Doesn’t Really Cook For Herself

Instagram / inagarten

When it comes to entertaining, Ina puts on a real show in the kitchen. But when she’s just cooking for herself, she prefers to throw a salad together and not even touch the oven.

4. Her Mother Wanted Her To Focus On School Instead Of Cooking

Instagram / inagarten

Ina’s mother, Florence, used to tell Ina that she should concentrate on her schoolwork instead of helping out in the kitchen. Clearly, though, that desire to be in the kitchen never went away, despite what her mother wished!

5. She Always Excelled In Science

Wikimedia Commons / Jaeger5432

Her mother may not have been too far off with her advice to focus on school. Ina was always good at the sciences, and she says that she still uses that knowledge and intuition in her cooking, as if every little measurement were as delicately planned as a science experiment.

6. Her Net Worth Is Huge

Instagram / inagarten

Ina is worth $40 million. There’s really not much more to say to that except “Wow!”

7. She Collects Cake Stands

Wikimedia Commons / Lori L. Stalteri from North of Boston, US

She keeps her giant collection of cake stands and cookbooks in a test kitchen in East Hampton, New York. She even goes so far as to jokingly call herself a “cake stand hoarder.

8. She Has Three Places To Call Home

Instagram / inagarten

Ina and her husband divide their time between Manhattan, East Hampton, and Paris. Now that’s the perfect setup, if you ask me!

9. She Has A Pilot’s License

Wikimedia Commons / Alan Radecki Akradecki

While her husband was deployed in the Vietnam War, Ina decided to do something with her time other than twiddling her thumbs (and cooking delicious food). So, she got her pilot’s license.

10. She Hates Cilantro

Wikimedia Commons / Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm Thome

You know how you have that handful of friends who won’t touch your guacamole if you put cilantro into it? Ina is one of the folks for whom cilantro tastes like soap. It’s not her fault — it’s all about genetics!

11. She Tried To Sell A Show To Martha Stewart

Wikimedia Commons / Rubenstein

Before Ina had her big break, she tried to sell a pilot to Martha Stewart. The show wasn’t picked up, but that didn’t stop the Barefoot Contessa from following her dreams!

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