12 food products which you can make a whole lot tastier

Everyone thinks they know how best to prepare their favourite food products. But you can always make something better — and in the case of food, the results can be absolutely delicious.

Here’s a few ideas for preparing a few everyday products in ways which you’ve probably never tried before.


  1. Coffee ice cubes: a great alternative for getting your caffeine fix in the summer months.


  1. The best egg, bacon and cheese sandwich in the world.


  1. Frozen bananas dipped in white chocolate.

  1. A chocolate vase made using your own hands.


  1. A romantic breakfast for two, with eggs and sausages. 


  1. A quick way to make croissants even tastier than usual: add some chocolate paste!


  1. A baked potato with an egg, cheese and vegetables.

  1. An interesting way to bake apples.


  1. The perfect zebra cake.

  1. Combining jelly and fruit.

  1. A more artistic version of the classic sausage roll.


  1. If you combine condensed milk and jelly, you’ll end up with an unusual but delicious dessert.