12 Guys Who Deserve a Medal for Their Relationship Skills

From time to time, our relationships don’t run smoothly. But thanks to ingenuity and a sense of humor, guys in particular often find ways to help us forget our problems and difficulties.

To prove this to you, LikeAble has put together a collection of examples where men managed to smooth over the problems of family life.

My man knows how to arrange the perfect romantic evening…

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I messaged my husband to find out how his day alone with the baby is going. He sent me this…

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I often slam doors by accident. My husband came up with a great way to make me give up this habit.

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I asked my husband to wash the dishes, and now I’m afraid to touch them…

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My husband organized an unforgettable party for the kids.

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This guy proposed to his girlfriend in the style of her favorite animated movie. He even sewed the dress himself!

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This is how my husband gave me a hint that the milk had gone bad and we needed to get rid of it.

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Another highly original marriage proposal.

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I asked my husband to buy six potatoes…

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This guy drew his girlfriend in the style of a Disney princess as a present for Valentine’s Day.

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My husband thought for a long time about how to tell me that my sweater had shrunk in the wash. He found a way to give me a hint…

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I was worried that I’d become “round” when I was pregnant, but my husband found a way to console me.

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