12 inspirational kids who had a faultless upbringing

It’s often hard for parents to tell whether they did everything right when they were bringing up their child. But in cases like these, it’s absolutely clear that they did something right — very right indeed!

We at Bright Side are sure: as long as there are children out there as inspirational as this, the future is going to be wonderful.

This boy saved money for a year, and eventually came up with the perfect idea for how to spend it. He bought a tonne of food items with the $120 he had saved and made lunches for homeless people with his mom.

Christian grew his hair for two years — something which he got bullied for at school. But he did it, without complaint, in order to donate his hair to other kids suffering from cancer.

Nine-year-old Ken created an animal shelter for homeless dogs in his garage.

Whereas this little fella decided he ought to help the bunny climb up the wall!

This little girl, who is called Kiana, sold all of her toys and donated all the money she earned to the local animal shelter.

Nine-year-old Hailey Fort built a shelter for the homeless almost on her own, and grew some vegetables especially for them as well.

This little girl decided to cheer up her dog before it had its appointment at the vet. The dog had to get some shots. “It’ll be okay!“ she said. ”If you’re a good girl, I’ll give you a toy.“

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When Ariana met a girl with cancer, she asked her mom why she didn’t have any hair. Her mum explained her that she was sick and the medicine made her hair fall out. It was then that Ariana decided to share her hair with the girl. She was just three years old at the time!

When this girl found out that her cat had arthritis, she decided that she had to help her somehow. So she started reading to the cat.

A thirteen-year-old girl makes her dad sandwiches to take to work every day. “I didn’t even ask her, she just offered herself”, the happy father explained

Little Carlitos decided to spend the money he saved up to buy some peanut butter for the dogs living at the local animal shelter.


This girl noticed that a calve was cold when it was standing outside in the rain, and somehow managed to bring it into her home. Her parents couldn’t help but agree to her act of pure kindness.

Source: boredpanda