13 awesome optical illusions that will mess with your mind

February 21, 2017

An optical illusions are visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. In other words, it’s a trick of the eye. Some optical illusions were explained years ago, while others still remain a mystery.

LikeAble found eighteen more illusions for you that will make you question your eyes (find part 1 here). Be careful: some of them can cause nausea and slight disorientation.

Is this cat going up, or down the staircase?

Is it a frog or a horse?

This is actually a sheet of paper…

…folded in just the right way

Three pretty women?

Now let’s flip this image upside down

We rarely encounter upside-down faces, so, when we do, it’s very difficult to spot any distortion.

Is this window on the right or left of this building?

Are the shades of red and green the same?

It seems as though the squares on the left are darker than the ones on the right. But they are actually the same color.

Ames Room

Upon entering this room, people of average height seem to become either dwarves or giants. It was devised by ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1934.

The dynamic luminance-gradient effect

Slowly move your head towards image and the light in the middle will get brighter. Move your head away and the light will become weaker.

Four Circles

These overlapping circles actually don’t touch at all

The Droste effect

The effect of a picture appearing within itself

Perceptual illusion

The shape in the middle is, in fact, evenly grey

A moving poster

Scroll up and down and you’ll see the above picture ’move’

Selective perception

Here are two almost identical pictures. Can you spot the difference between them? Once you do, you won’t be able to ’unsee’ it!