13 Cool Guys Who Managed to Make Fatherhood the Best Job in the World

February 21, 2017

Here are 13 of the most amazing dads who know for sure how to make their kids’ childhood unforgettable.

They know how to make their daughters feel pretty

They’re always ready to play hide and seek

The grocery shopping is no problem at all for them

They believe in love at first sight

They understand the power of cuddles

They’re comfier than any pillow in the world

They know that love is more important than genetics

They’re incredibly inventive

There’s never a dull moment with dad

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They know exactly how to relax after a busy day

They understand that the boundaries between work and play are often blurred

They know how hard it is to say goodbye in the mornings

And above all, they appreciate the quiet, tender moments with their child

Source Upworthy, Daddydoinwork
Preview photo credit MOLLYIMALONE / IMGUR.COM