13 Strikingly Beautiful Trees That Seem to Have Come from Another World

Sometimes when you look at the landscapes around you — especially if you visit a remote place — they seem to have been copied from the pages of a fantasy book. One of the most vivid ways in which life around us sometimes assumes an air of otherworldliness is in the shape and appearance of the trees. LikeAble collected photos of some of the most uniquely strange and beautiful trees on the planet.

A mushroom-shaped tree

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A tree in Ficus, Philippines

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Young mango trees under water

© Noam Kortler 

The baobab trees of Madagascar

© Marsel Van Oosten

Cypress trees, Caddo Lake

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Wisteria trees, Japan

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Bottle trees, Socotra Island

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Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, Hawaii

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A dragon tree, Socotra Island

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Bristlecone pine — the oldest trees on Earth

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A Quiver tree, Namibia

© Kayla Stevenson

A Japanese maple

© Lewis Carlyle

A Frankenstein tree

© Sam Van Aken

Preview photo credit Sam Van Aken