13 Vintage Dinette Sets You’ll Wish You Stumbled On At The Flea Market

February 10, 2017

The furniture and decor from the much of the past century is truly iconic.

It’s not exactly timeless, because it’s so evocative of that time period, but definitely has not gone out of style.

I just love the geometric patterns and splashes of color that came from art deco design. The mid-century modern styles that followed the art deco revival in the ’50s were equally as quirky and beautiful. Even the late ’60s and early ’70s brought plenty of charm and character to interior design elements!

The chrome and bright colors are a great combination that any fun-loving person would want to have in their very own home. So why not turn to a cute little vintage dinette set that will give your house that perfect dash of nostalgia? There are so many different amazing elements, with Formica, vinyl, and chrome at the forefront.

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1. Curvy In Red

vintage dinette sets red

This gorgeous table and set of four chairs, complete with chrome studs and an incredible curving design, will class up any room in an instant. I should be so lucky to get my hands on this beauty.

2. Bold In 1968

vintage dinette sets dark wood

This stunning set from 1968? What’s not to like? From the brass bars on the backrest to the dark finish on the wood, this set is one of my favorites.

3. Summery Charm

vintage dinette sets dark wood yellow and green

Wouldn’t this be the best spot for settling into a nice meal with friends? It might seem impossible to be upset anywhere near this lovely dinette set, being so sunny and bright, especially while you’re sitting in one of these bold green chairs.

4. Classic In White

vintage dinette sets dark wood classic

The white marbled formica tabletop in this set is perfect. It’s impossible to go wrong with black and white, especially when you dress it up with some super cute 1950s glassware and accessories like The Wish List has done here for this display.

5. Olive Green And Gold

vintage dinette sets dark wood gold and green

For something a little different, take a gander at this gold, olive green, and glass set. This beauty appears to be from the late ’60s, or most likely the ’70s. Those wicker backrests and golden accents are just so drenched in the flavor of the time period, they’re hard to resist.

6. Beige But Not Boring

vintage dinette sets dark wood beige

There’s nothing boring about this off-white tabletop and floral chair set. And the details on the table add just the perfect touch.

7. Benches For Lovebirds

vintage dinette sets bench

Picture eating pancakes for breakfast with your loved one, sitting on these cute floral benches while wearing your jammies and listening to the birds chirp outside. Maybe I’m being idealistic, but this little set just brings it out in me.

8. Sunshiny Yellow

8. Sunshiny Yellow

This 1950s dinette set is so sunny and bright, it would make any kitchen happier. Also, those racing stripes down the backs of the chairs add an extra touch of class.

9. Moss Green Glory

vintage dinette sets green and silver

Can’t you picture yourself sitting down to a good old-fashioned corned beef supper with your family around this mid-century beauty?

10. Teal And Black Beauty

vintage dinette sets dark wood teal and black

The pairing of the black vinyl chairs with the teal tabletop just reminds you of the art deco streets of Miami at its finest — so fun and sleek!

11. Swiveling And Sweet

vintage dinette sets wood round

The pale wood finish on the top of this round table paired with the dandelion yellow swivel chairs looks like the absolute perfect place to relax with some lemon tea and a good book.

12. Forest Florals

vintage dinette sets floral

This shiny round formica tabletop surrounded by sturdy chairs in a forest green floral print would look great in a sunny corner of a kitchen.

13. Teal Velvet

vintage dinette sets blue velvet

This one is the dining set that has my heart. The lovely deep turquoise-blue velvet on the Thonet chairs is almost too much to handle. If only I had a place for them in my tiny apartment!

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