14 Adorable Puppies Who Grew Up Way Too Fast

February 20, 2017

It seems like only yesterday this drooling ball of fur was small enough to fit in your hand. And now you’re sharing your house with a full-grown dog!

We at LikeAble hope you’ll enjoy this fantastic selection of “Then and Now” photos, made by dog owners from around the world!

A puppy no more, this dog still loves to sit in his favorite spot in the yard.

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Even after many years, this adorable duo remains bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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This doggy will never lose interest in showing off in front of the camera.

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As for this cutie — her nose is as sensitive to the scent of adventure as ever!

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This mongrel’s eyes still look straight into your soul.

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A noble gentleman whose manners remain impeccable since early puppyhood!

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The passing years seem to have taught this little beauty the art of begging.

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These days, his ears stand perfectly straight!

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As this little one grew older, he turned out to be much fluffier than his owners expected.

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Nowadays, taking this pooch in your arms is slightly more problematic.

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Having grown more mature, this lady finally seems to be taking her work seriously.

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Looks like these two will never lose their sense of humor!

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This pretty baby sure stays true to her habits!

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Best of friends since 1997.

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