14 Songs We Went Crazy About in the ’90s

Doesn’t everyone sometimes want to forget everything and just reminisce about the long gone days of our carefree youth? And when you do, it’s often enough to turn on the right song.

For those who love delving into nostalgia, we at LikeAble have compiled a list of songs that boomed from every speaker in the ’90s.

No Doubt — Don’t Speak

You can’t even imagine today that more than 20 years ago the stunning Gwen Stefani was the lead singer of popular band No Doubt. She sang this vibrant song of her broken heart, and we all picked up to the tune.

Natalie Imbruglia — Torn

It doesn’t matter that today the famous Aussie Natalie Imbruglia is not as popular as 20 years ago because we still remember her blazing eyes and the scorching hot handsome from the Torn music video.

Jennifer Paige — Crush

This song played in the headphones of every girl who wasn’t going to go crazy about her feelings. It even says it: “It’s just some little thing, not like everything I do depends on you.”

Britney Spears — (You Drive Me) Crazy

No longer an innocent schoolgirl, but not yet the scandalous pop diva we now know. Those were probably the best times of the gorgeous Britney’s career.

Aqua — Barbie Girl

Admit it, every girl listening to this song had those rosy dreams of being a perfect Barbie in the arms of a no less perfect Ken.

Celine Dion — My Heart Will Go On

There probably wasn’t a single girl who didn’t have a T-shirt with a print of Kate and Leo on it in her wardrobe. The poignant My Heart Will Go On always made us dream of our very own Jack Dawson.

*NSYNC — Bye Bye Bye

Not that famous then, but the oh-so-handsome Justin Timberlake was already breaking millions of girls’ hearts singing this groovy song with *NSYNC.

Mariah Carey — Always Be My Baby

It would seem there’s nothing special about this song — just a pretty tune and the pretty voice of beautiful Mariah Carey. Yet that was enough for this love ballad to remain in our hearts for all these years.

Eve ft. Gwen Stefani — Let Me Blow Ya Mind

This was perhaps the first girly hip-hop tune to travel to all corners of the world.

Monica — Angel of Mine

“You came into my life sent from above, when I lost all hope you showed me love…” No comments here. We listened and wiped away tears.

Backstreet Boys — I Want It That Way

Easily the most famous boy band of the ’90s. We could listen to their songs forever, and arguments about who’s the most handsome never ceased. That blond one, right?

TLC — No Scrubs

Rhythm & Blues brought to a whole new and popular level.

Des’ree — You Gotta Be

You can’t confuse this voice with anybody else’s, and the stylish black-and-white music video was a real hit.

Jewel — You Were Meant For Me

Her name speaks for herself: her voice is a real jewel, and if you start listening to it you are ensnared forever.