15 Absolutely Unbeatable Photographs Taken Just at the Right Moment

The skill of taking photos at the right moment is like an art. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, the main thing is to be at the right place and at the right time, and of course not to miss a chance.

We at LikeAble love photographs like this, which seize your attention at first glance and make you want to learn more about this little instance — and life itself.

The opening of the winter bathing season.

The mosti mportant thing in life is teamwork.

Double yin yang.

Bears can dance, too. Didn’t you know that?

Lightning competes with fireworks.

I’ve told you — hush!

I was just swimming along, minding my own business, and look what happened!

Two absolutely different skies.

Lighthouse swallowed by surf, Faroe Islands.

A polar bear sledding down a hill.

A squirrel mom and baby.

Seems like something went wrong.

An unexpected meeting.

The most cheerful snake in the world.

Hey guys, how do you get to the library?

A walrus becomes embarrassed when it’s given a cake made of fish for its birthday, Norway.