15 authentic shots of motherhood in all its beauty

Photographer Susie Black was sick of seeing unrealistic photos of women breastfeeding, so she took a photo of herself with her baby. Black posted it on the internet without any editing, and asked other women if they wanted to be photographed in the same way. Lots of women jumped at the chance, and soon this project was born.

’’The image of a mother breastfeeding which we see in the media today is far from authentic.’’

’’Most photos are too airbrushed and too stylized to look realistic.’’

’’We usually see either a breastfeeding mother dressed in white like an angel or a model on the cover of a fashion magazine.’’

’’I got tired of pictures that don’t show the realities of breastfeeding.’’

’’And I decided to portray breastfeeding mothers just the way they are, without any embellishment.’’

’’This is all about tired eyes without any makeup…’’

’’And unwashed dishes in the kitchen…’’

’’And dirty laundry in the bathroom…’’

’’And toys scattered on the floor.’’

’’But all this is done for the sake of a miracle that we, women, can do.’’

’’A miracle of maintaining the lives of others.’’

The photographer’s self-portrait.

Source: boredpanda