15 Heart-Warming Photographs That Prove Love Is All Around Us

It’s not only human beings which feel love — despite what we sometimes think, many animals know what this wonderful feeling is as well. Just take a look at these 15 photographs if you have any doubts. From birds to mammals to insects, this inexplicable but life-affirming force envelops the world every second of every day — and that’s something to rejoice in.

They love each other to distraction.

I’m never bored when I’m with you.

Love reaches across all boundaries and obstacles.

The world can wait. We’re together.

Darling, everyone’s looking at us!

The best way to start the morning.

I’ll never let you go…

You’re embarrassing me!

Paris — the city of love.

Time to get you cleaned up!

If you think I’m going to do the dishes just because you kiss me, you’re wrong!

Hey! What about me!?

I feel calm when I’m with her.

You’re home at last!


I’m lost without you.

These guys are so in love with each other that they can’t hide their feelings.

Preview photo credit JamesC0nquer / twitter.com