15 magnificent dogs who have no idea how enormous they are

Whatever kind of dog a person owns, it needs only one thing — the love and affection from its owner. And even if your pet is the size of well-fed pony, hugs, regular belly-scratching sessions, and all the other things he loves are still part of your daily duties.

Here are 15 of the largest dogs that we’ve ever seen — yet they’re all still as utterly adorable as their smaller cousins. We can’t stop ourselves from smiling when we look at these giants — it seems they just don’t realise how enormous they are!

Oh go on then, give me a pat!

Dance!? Oh, no! That’s not for me…

What do you mean there’s no bench for me to sit on…?


He’s always dragging me around somewhere…

Don’t move! They’re taking a photo of us and I wanna look my best!

How to to remove your make-up quickly: Get this guy to lick you twice!

I think we need a bigger sofa…

My favourite toy’s around here somewhere…

Don’t move a muscle. I’m just having a rest, I’ll be gone in a minute!

The golden rule for taking a good photo is to pick the right dog to stand alongside you.

World Football Championship? We’re ready!

Who you calling overweight? That’s just puppy fat!

I’m not a dog, I’m a lion!

Excuse me, lady, can we do the waltz?

ч мядлщпп ШИН и у д пАпСЬсЦПСФЁ ЦЙВ 1ЭО П П Ш

It seems that she’s got stuck to me…

Preview photo credit: imgur