15 people who definitely didn’t take a selfie with a star

December 28, 2016

It’s a dream of many to meet a real celebrity in the streets and take a selfie with them. Unfortunately, there are too few celebrities for everyone to be satisfied.

Today, we at LikeAble would like to share with you pictures of people who really, really wanted to take a selfie with a famous person they met… despite them not being a real celebrity. Still, these little mistakes probably made the day of everyone involved.

’Mike Tyson’

© Nxx2

A tattooed face makes anyone look like Tyson.

’Morgan Freeman’

© Bragadash

Just look at this incredibly handsome man! I’d love to take a selfie with him too, even though he’s not a celebrity.

’Bill Murray’

© Reddit

I didn’t know Bill Murray worked as a part-time shop assistant in a toy store.


© ThaddeusCheeks

To be honest, this guy made even me start for a moment.

’Hugh Laurie’

© magicsebi

This House, MD, makes me a little suspicious.

’Reese Witherspoon’

© hawkstyles

I wonder if this guy knows that Reese looks a bit different?

’Hugh Jackman’

© jamibark_au

Oh yeah, this one’s definitely Wolverine. Sure.

’Tobey Maguire’

© reddit

What could be more pleasant than meeting Spider-Man at a breakfast in a hotel?

’Zach Galifianakis’

© iziah

The star of The Hangover could really have happened to be anywhere in the world.

’Marilyn Manson’

© BoredAtWork221b

This guy posted on his Twitter page that it had been great seeing Marilyn Manson the night before.

’George R. R. Martin’

© The-Duke_Of_Luke

This guy finally got his chance to tell the creator of Game of Thrones everything he thought of the plot.

’Kim Jong-un’

© TaytoCrisps

A North Korean leader at a ball game. Why not?

’George Clooney’

© knomesayin

If THIS one is George Clooney, then he’s probably been celebrating something really hard.

’Orlando Bloom’ and ’Christian Bale’

© Derf13

And this guy was fortunate enough to meet two ’actors’ at once!

’Johnny Depp’

© reddit

One of these girls wrote on Twitter, ’OMG! Just met Johnny Depp and fed him a hot dog!!’

Preview photo credit Epicene / reddit.com