15 seriously cool ways to keep your kids busy

Sometimes kids’ energy is overpowering. In order to avoid injuries and accidents, parents have to keep their kids busy.

LikeAble decided to help parents out a little by finding easy and exciting games. These will keep you and your kid interested for sure.

1. Take some big t-shirts and stuff them with big pillows. Now you’re ready for some sumo wrestling.


2. DYU: beautiful wooden bracelets.


You will need:

A tall glass
A mug
Ice cream sticks
An awl
Twine or any other rope
A pair of scissors
Colored duct tape or colored paper

Soak the ice cream sticks up in a glass of water. In a few days, take the sticks out of the water and carefully shape them. Bend them slowly, otherwise they will break. Place shaped bracelets into a mug. When the sticks are completely dry, decorate them with duct tape or colored paper. Make a hole on each end of a stick, and connect two sides of the bracelet with a piece of twine.

3. Make rainbow toast.


Make same edible paint by mixing condensed milk with some food dyes. Now you and your kid can paint the toast.

4. Create a shoebox dollhouse.


Get creative with shapes and sizes of your own DIY dollhouse. You can use old wallpaper and fabrics to decorate the insides.

5. Use solo cups to build towers.


6. A straw becomes a plane.


You will need:

Thick paper
A straw
Duct tape
A pair of scissors

Cut out 3 strips of paper — 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide and 5 inches (13 cm) long. Tape two strings together and make a big circle out of the new string. Create another circle out of the third paper strip. Attach these circles to the ends of the straw (how it’s shown on the image). This kind of plane flies much better than a regular paper plane.

7. Rainbow bubble snakes.


You will need:

An empty plastic bottle
A sock
Duct tape
Food coloring
Liquid soap or shampoo

Cut off the bottom of your plastic bottle and put a sock on that side. Secure the sock with some duct tape. Add some food coloring to the sock. Mix the soap with water. Dip the sock into the soapy water and blow out amazing colorful bubbles.

8. Put a bar of soap in the microwave to make soap clouds.


9. Use plastic cups and balloons to create an amazing marshmallow (or pom pom) shooter.


10. Use straws to create a musical instrument.


You will need:

6-8 straws
Duct tape
A pair of scissors

Cut the straws. Arrange the straws from the shortest to the longest, and secure them in place with a piece of duct tape. You can decorate your instrument with some colored paper.

11. Put some tape on the carpet to play bullseye bowling.


12. Marble Roll


Cut out some holes in a shoebox and write the scores above each hole.

13. Play your favorite outdoor games in your home.


Instead of using chalk on the sidewalks, you can use duct tape at home. Now you can play all your favorite outdoor games all year long.

14. Use paper plates, ice cream sticks, and balloons to play funky tennis.


Most importantly, balloons can hardly do any damage to your house.

15. Make your own frozen dinosaur eggs.


You will need:

A balloon
Small dinosaur toy
Food coloring
Safety goggles

Put your dinosaur into a balloon. Fill the balloon with water (you can add your food coloring now) and tie it. Put the balloon in the freezer for a couple of hours. Cut the balloon open, after the water freezes. Give your child a pair of safety goggles and let them work on their own archeological expedition.

via: buzzfeed