15 Simple Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

February 26, 2015

We often face two problems when looking in our closets; first, there’s nothing to wear, and second, there’s no more storage space! This very familiar situation occurs thanks to improper organization that most of us have when it comes to storing our clothes and accessories.

That’s why LikeAble collected these useful tips on how to store your clothes.

An easy way to store your scarves and tights

Foam pool noodles can help your shoes stand upright

A drawer organizer (you can make one yourself) will help to avoid mess

Storing clothes vertically or in rolls will help save space

Use PVC pipes as cells for belts, scarves and towels

A soda tab can double the space in a closet

You can also use a plastic chain

An unusual way to use a drawer organizer

You can use a fruit basket in the bathroom or wardrobe

Shorts and jeans hang perfectly on shower curtain rings

Duvet covers and sheets can be stored in a pillowcase

You can use vine boxes for your shoes

A shoe organizer made of cardboard pipes

Ice trays are great to store small things and accessories

Your clothes will no longer slide off (just be sure to let the glue dry!)

Source Ilovehobby