15 Unbelievably Creative Business Card Designs

A business card doesn’t have to be just a white piece of paper with black letters on it. Some cards are designed in such a way that they give you an opportunity to measure your pulse or to grow a plant.

LikeAble is sure that if you ever accept a card like one of these, you will definitely remember its owner.

Landscape designer

© ensolondon

If you put this packet into water, grass will grow out of it.

A business card of a company that creates air hogs and model airplanes

© norburnrc

You can make a little plane out of it.

Hair and make-up artist

© Визитка стилиста Yuka Suzuki

Colored hair grips are attached to this business card, making it possible to create various hair styles.

Cooking Blog

© plasmadesign

This business card turns into a set of flatware that can be used as intended.


© (с)Publicis Dialog

After a meeting with this headhunter, the job-seeker is advised to eat this business card so that no one finds out about his cunning plans. The card is made out of edible paper and edible ink is used for all inscriptions. There are also directions on how to eat the card.

Health Care Center

© mobilecg

This is a very practical business card — you can measure your pulse with it.


© (с)Alicia Rius

Contact information of a photographer becomes visible under direct light.

Hair Studio

© (с)Fabio Milito design

If you slide your finger over the bristles of this hairbrush, you’ll hear music play.

Vegetarian cafe

© pantone

That’s how a delicious business card looks like.


© easelbusinesscards

This business card turns into a little easel with a subtle movement of the hand.


© (c)Raphael Essoo-Snowdon

3D-business card with 3D-glasses inside.

Financial agency

© Sensus Design Factory

The inscription on this card reads: “We love you.“ But as soon as you erase the protective layer, the meaning is changed completely. Now it reads: ”We love your money.” What an honest finance company!


© (с)Giovanni + DraftFcb 

A business card designed as a pencil with a huge eraser.


© goodgraphicdesigner

To read this business card you’ll need to find the words first. If you didn’t succeed, turn the card over and — voila — the contact info is right there!


This is a tiny Tetris-playing business card. Isn’t it just awesome!