15 unbelievably useful designer innovations you’ll definitely want for yourself

Sometimes, designers express their ideas in ways which seem to perfectly match our thoughts and wishes. Their ideas for new household gadgets and other items are so perfect and so functional that it can be said without exaggeration that they sometimes make people’s dreams come true around the world. At other times, their creativity leads them to invent something that we didn’t even dare to dream of, but turns out to make life a joy.

At LikeAble, we’re very fond of unusual and innovative things, so we thought we’d share with you some of the latest inventions we’ve found that made our day.

A window-balcony


The special design of these rooftop windows allows them to turn into a small balcony in just a few moments.

A chair for a large family

Hal Taylor

With the birth of his third child, Hal Taylor found it uncomfortable to read fairy tales to his children in an ordinary chair. And then he found a way to solve the problem: he invented a rocking chair with two additional seats for children.

The mattress that lets you cuddle properly

Cuddle Mattress

The special slats in the Cuddle Mattress allow couples to cuddle without disturbing each other during sleep. Those of you who just like sleeping on your side will appreciate this, too!

Umbrellas with a hidden pattern


These patterns are only visible when the umbrella is wet.

Nameless paints

Nameless Paints

Some Japanese designers have produced a set of «Nameless Paints» for children. The small tubes aren’t labelled with the final colour you’re looking for, but instead with the colours that need to be mixed to get the one that’s inside the tube. According to the inventors, this design develops the imagination and allows children to understand how different colours blend.

The Moon lamp


This incredibly realistic lamp in the form of the moon will be just the cup of tea for romantic people, as now you can have a part of space at home. The lamp can be hung from the walls or ceilings or placed on the floor, and it’s available in seven different sizes; the smallest one fits in your hand.

The wooden bottle

Oak Bottle

With the help of this oak bottle, you can drink beverages of far better quality than you’re normally accustomed to. Just pour some wine or beer into the bottle, and wait for two to 48 hours, then enjoy the much improved taste.

The universal lamp


This highly portable lamp in a garland shape can be hung up or tied to something, or you can just put it on the table. Its bright LED lights illuminate the surrounding area perfectly. Moreover, the lamp is waterproof. In sum, it’s a very useful thing to have!

The washing machine with a special door to load more clothes


For all of us who’s ever loaded the laundry in the machine, turned it on, and then suddenly found that we forgot to put something in, some clever designers have finally came up with an ingenious solution. It’s a small additional door through which you can add more laundry to the wash during the washing cycle.

An amazing chandelier

Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster

This chandelier in the shape of a huge grape vine adorns the ceiling of the sampling room of a Californian vineyard. And it looks quite simply exquisite!

The anti-stress ball with zoom effect


Some very detailed maps have been specially drawn on the surface of this ball, but to see them you have to squeeze the ball very hard.

Containers with a stopwatch

kickstarter / thegreenhead

Train your willpower with these containers that can only be opened at a set time — and not a minute before.

Chairs inspired by Picasso


The designers of these chairs were inspired by the images of inseparable lines found in the works of Pablo Picasso. Each chair consists of a single metal tube bent in a special way, with a seat of the same colour attached.

The universal cover

Sonne & Vantore

This cover will fit most of the pots you have at home, it’s a joy to use when you need to keep your eye on something that needs boiling, and the unique interior surface allows you to easily drain the water.

How to take perfect pictures with your dog

Pooch Selfie

To get your dog to look into a camera is often a difficult task. But the creators of the Pooch Selfie have found an ingenious solution to the problem — they’ve invented a device that attaches your pet’s favourite ball straight to your phone. Now you can be sure that your pet won’t be able tear it’s eyes away from the camera!