16 Inspiring People Who Proved That You Can Achieve Anything With Determination

December 28, 2016

LikeAble has put together a selection of inspirational individuals whose stories can help motivate all of us to change our lives for the better. They prove beyond a doubt that it’s never too late to transform who you are.

Hannah and Bradley

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To look great on their wedding day, the bride lost 44 pounds and the groom lost 88.


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He lost 103 pounds. His daughter must be proud of him!


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Ingrid is 40. But this didn’t stop her from losing nearly 90 pounds.

Ned and Cindy

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They started out as complete exercise novices, and now they run their own slimming program for couples.


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He lost 100 pounds in 18 months.


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She lost 110 pounds in two and a half years.

Stephanie and Ben

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This young couple has been helping each other stay in shape for five years.


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She lost 176 pounds.


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Hard work and a good diet are surely worth enduring for this kind of transformation, right?


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She lost 154 pounds.


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She lost 33 pounds — a real achievement.

Monica and Christian

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This young couple wanted to look stunning for their wedding photos, and they definitely achieved it.

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