16 photos of students on their first and last days of school

Memories of our school days stay with us forever, and sooner or later we all end up telling our own kids about the time when we were their age.

With the new school year beginning, we at LikeAble offer you the chance to take a look at students from around the world on their very first and very last days of school.

The first day of school and the last day

No, these guys aren’t brothers. That’s the same person, ten years apart.

This family definitely won’t forget any important dates because they appear to write them all down.

They grow up so fast…

Is it me or has this guy’s shirt grown up with him?

This teenager was photographed at the start of every new school year.

From school boy to school senior.

When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.

Everything has changed apart from her smile.

We can all guess what prize this lady was offered in exchange for good grades.

She’ll always be his little girl.

The result after ten years: different backpack, new beard.

From Minnie Mouse to professional in such a short space of time.

Definitely the prom queen.

With Dad by my side, I can conquer the world!

Best friends forever.

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