17 heart-warming photographs which prove that cats have hearts of gold

What do we know about cats? First, they’re adorable, and their photos on Instagram are usually a success. Second, they’re independent and enjoy being alone. But not everyone realises the third thing. It’s often said that cats are not as loyal as dogs, or that they don’t need their owners’ attention and only see people as ’staff’ who are obliged to feed them. In reality, cats often become their owner’s closest friends. Ask cat lovers and many of them will quickly confirm that.

LikeAble selected a few photos proving that cats have gentle and tender hearts. Be warned, though! After seeing this you’ll want to put everything aside and go give your kitty a stroke!

Everybody knows that cats are among the most independent pets, but the majority of them are extremely patient when dealing with children. They won’t extend their claws in this case!

These two friends start every morning by reading the newspaper together.

This cat once randomly approached this 80-year-old lady when she was outdoors. Since that time, they’ve never separated.

This cat always accompanies his owner, who maintains swimming pools.

This girl has developmental problems, and her parents were afraid she would be uneasy around the cat. But their worries were all in vain; it was love at first sight.

Since this man’s wife died, this cat never leaves him on his own.

This cat sneaked into a hospital to visit her sick friend.

To tell you the truth, he is not really a cat person, but the cat doesn’t mind.

Some say cats can cure illnesses.

Inmate Richard Amaro and Clementine are part of a program that helps cats from animal shelters.

Fluffy bodyguards

A 100-year-old man and his 17-year-old cat.

Best friends.

A frequent visitor.

This man had always dreamed of owning a cat, and now his wish has finally come true.

They live so happily together!

A picture of real love, wouldn’t you agree?