17 Pictures That Prove Nature Has Its Own Photoshop

These days, photo editing software gives everyone a chance to be creative. All you need to do is unleash your imagination. Even a beginner can draw anything they want. But when Mother Nature herself acts as Photoshop, real masterpieces come into the world!

We at LikeAble admire this kind of beauty, and today we would like to share with you photos that look like they belong in fairy tales.

A bridge over an icy river

© kacperkowalski

Sunset from above the clouds over Australia

© imgur

In winter, the ice of Baikal Lake reaches about a meter thick

© Jenya Sayfutdinov

Eucalyptus bark, Hawaii

© huffingtonpost.com

Lightning in the shape of a crow sitting on a branch

© Larry Zimmer

Just take a closer look at these aspen trees

© Michael Clark

The longest waves in the world appear in Puerto Chicama, Peru

© fungussa

Kuthiny Bata — a unique natural monument of Kamchatka

© Eugene Kaspersky

A full moon rising over the border between Altai and Mongolia

© nat-geo.ru

The cross section of this agate looks like an ocean

© Alain.R.Truong

Princess Leia

© tantoyensen

A summer evening in a Russian village

© osemenov96

The sun’s reflection on Mount Everest

Awakening of the Etna volcano

Winter also has a sense of creativity

Northern Lights over the Lofoten Islands, Norway

© korzhonov

When the weather promises to rock on

Preview photo credit Larry Zimmer
Larry Zimmer