17 superb ideas for a new hairstyle which you’ll want to try straight away

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to change something. Well, we think she can start with her hairstyle — it really can change the way you feel about yourself. It’s not for nothing that Coco Chanel once said: ’’A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’’

We here at LikeAble have collected 17 options for changing your appearance which just might be the inspiration you need.

Choose a color that will radically change your image.


Choose the LikeAble!


Red always looks good.



Or long hair?


Maybe you’ll finally stop straightening your locks?


Short hair always looks fresh and stylish.



And if you are thinking about getting bangs — go ahead!


You could try the increasingly popular ’’galaxy hair’’ trend.


Or give life to your natural hair.


And you can’t go wrong if you choose to do this:


Alternatively, just be brave enough to cut your hair — it can really make an impression!


A shaven head look is a pretty revolutionary idea, but it suits a lot of people.



Or that shimmering ash color you’ve dreamed about for years.



Source: buzzfeed
Preview photo credit: @ahncotran