18 crazy pets who weren’t expecting their owners to come home early

What our pets do at home while we’re at work is a mystery we will probably never fully solve. But for a minority of our four-legged friends, their secrets are revealed when their owners come home early from work. Being caught unawares, it seems, can be somewhat embarrassing for them – but from our point of view it can often be utterly hilarious.

Here are 18 of the craziest examples we’ve found.


I was just, uhm, making sure your beer was cool enough for when you came home…

The temperature is juuust right today.


You saw nothing!

…I was cold, and you left the heating off.

I didn’t take any money, I swear!

I’m just choosing your outfit for tonight, don’t mind me!

…We were just playing.

Oh, so NOW you tell me this isn’t the bath tub!

We were just playing, honest.

Lipstick? Nope, I haven’t seen it anywhere…

Oh my…I didn’t hear you come in…

I have to feed my family somehow…

I fetched your mail for you!

It was like this when I got here.

The cleaning lady will pick it up. Problem solved!

I was only feeding them!

I was just testing it in time for dinner!

Before you find out what’s happened upstairs, I just want you to remember that I love you!