18 pictures that show what it means to be a real father

When a man first picks up his newborn baby, his whole life is turned on its head. Things will never be the same again. Apart from the emotional roller coaster, he now has a huge responsibility to look after the life of a new human being, and he doesn’t always know how to cope. But a good dad never gives up. He manages to do everything. Here’s a few photos which show this wonderful, reassuring truth: dad can do it.


Dad keeps his child warm while its mother recuperates after the birth.


Dad holds his baby in his arms for the first time.


Dad puts on a concert for his baby — VIPs only.


Dad can show tender love as well.


Dad’s not embarrassed. Why would he be?


Dad lets him play with whatever he wants.


Dad knows how to have fun, and he’s not afraid to be laughed at.


Dad will do his best to help out, wherever he’s needed.


Dad knows how to get his baby to sleep.


And he can do this any time, anywhere.


Even at work, if necessary.


Dad knows you don’t have to be a kid’s genetic father to be the best dad in the world.


He can also teach by example.


He lets his kids do anything they want if it will make them happy.


Really, anything they want!


Dad always knows how to make his baby smile.


He knows how much his kids are waiting for him at home. So he always tries to come back as early as possible.


And finally, a real dad is never afraid to say, ’I love you’.

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