18 Spectacularly Addictive Miniseries You Cannot Help but Love

December 28, 2016

Sometimes you want to watch a well presented story, but you look at a series that has up to 10 seasons and you’re too lazy to start watching them. That’s why LikeAble decided to offer you a collection of miniseries that can make your evening better.

Lucifer, 2016

© @Warner Bros. Television

The first episode blew up the internet. And it’s no wonder, because the series is a brilliant cocktail of great humor, gorgeous music and a gripping story. A 40-minute episode is obviously not enough — you’ll be eagerly waiting for the next one.

In the Flesh, 2013

© @BBC Drama Production

This is a new point of view on the zombie apocalypse: a ’healed’ man returns to his native town, trying to forget his ’zombie’ past.

Sherlock, 2010

© @BBC Wales

The new story about the adventures of Mr. Holmes is surely gripping. Sherlock is energetic, handsome and modern. Now he can even text! Dr. Watson’s presence in the series makes it more ironic, and with his brilliant mind and attentiveness to detail he helps solve the most puzzling cases.

Dancing on the Edge, 2013

© @Endgame Entertainment

This story’s about a group of black jazz musicians trying to reach success in the 1930s, and it’s full of xenophobia and superstition.

The Godfather, 1977

© @Paramount Pictures

From the golden collection of cinema, it’s basically the first two movies with missing scenes.

North and South, 2005

© @BBC Television Centre

Even the BBC didn’t expect the series to be so popular. This is the movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s story about the opposition of two different parts of England: a calm, refined South and an energetic, industrial North.

Titanic, 1996

© @American Zoetrope

The series came out a year before Cameron’s famous picture, and it reveals much more of the drama of people on board of the Titanic. Charming Catherine Zeta-Jones gives you no chance to ignore the series.

The Lost Room, 2006

© @Lions Gate Films Inc.

This is mystical and psychedelic in one. If you like the film adaptation of Stephen King’s ’1408,’ you should watch this one.

The Kennedys, 2011

© @Asylum Entertainment

This is the story of one of the most powerful families in the United States, and about political intrigues, power and common people who influenced the world’s fate.

The Shannara Chronicles, 2016

© @Farah Films

The film adaptation of a Terry Brooks’ book, this is a must-see for ’The Lord of the Rings’ fans. There are elves, dwarves, magic … and a fight against invincible evil, of course.

Hatfields & McCoys, 2012

© @HIstory Channel

This is a story of the feud of two clans that almost became the reason for war between Kentucky and West Virgina. The motto ’Never forgive. Never forget’ hints that the Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have a chance to survive there … unless they have a couple of guns.

Generation Kill, 2008

© @Blown Deadline Productions

This is about the 2003 war in Iraq through the eyes of common marines caught up in the military confrontation.

Casanova, 2005

© @BBC Wales

It’s a humorous and light interpretation of a legend about the world’s greatest womanizer. But I can hear the sound of Tardis when looking at Casanova.

The Pillars of the Earth, 2010

© @Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

This Canadian picture shows us the England of the XII century. A total must-see for the fans of historical movies.

Political Animals, 2013

© @Berlanti Productions

An ex-wife of the president of the United States decides to go into politics. She paves the way for the power, while genius Sigourney Weaver makes you believe in every gesture of her character.

Too Big To Fail, 2011

© @HBO films

This series is about the financial crash of 2008 and people who found themselves in the midst of it. As the saying goes, dark times show the brightest people.

Poldark, 2015

© @Mammoth Screen

The smiling dwarf Kili from ’The Hobbit’ turns into the strong and serious Ross Poldark. Every man can be a conqueror of the world. The only thing he needs is a worthy goal for which to fight. The superb landscapes make you press ’pause’ to enjoy the brilliance.

The night manager, 2016

© @BBC Television Centre

Tom Hiddleston, mostly known as Loki from ’The Avengers,’ and Hugh Laurie, who played Dr. House, will show you a real standoff. The story is about an agent placed in the crime syndicate, and it’s amazing.

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