19 Adorable Cats Who Were Born to Become Famous

We at LikeAble are absolutely convinced that cats are an endless source of fun. They bring love, joy, and laughter to your home and cheer you up even on the gloomiest days.

Today, we have collected 19 pictures of fluffy cuties whose owners, judging by their comments, are themselves surprised at their cats’ facial expressions and behavior.

I don’t think my cat really likes my new slippers.

My cat saw the kids playing on it, and now she keeps meowing until you rock her too.

She chewed an armrest for herself in this box.

Just met my new neighbors.

My cat’s face when I found one of her hoarding stashes.

Buy a new bed for cats, they said. They will love it, they said.

I think he is trying to summon a demon.

Sometimes I wonder if I spoil my cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt…

My cat is now fully charged!

I spent nearly 10 minutes looking for him.

A brutal attack.

The first visit to the vet and the first existential crisis.

I don’t own a cat. He just jumped into my car and wouldn’t let me leave without him. Is this how you get a cat?

I think my cat has recently put on some weight.

I kicked over my cat’s milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me when I was having dinner and looked at me like this…

And how many crackers can you fit on your cat while he is asleep?

My cat’s face when I meowed back at him.

His Majesty the Cat!

How my cat feels about snow.

Preview photo credit jasonripp/imgur.com

Based on materials from boredpanda