19 Places Where You Surely Wouldn’t Look for Your Cat

December 31, 2016

Going through your closet, you can expect to find a lot of interesting stuff. And five out of 10 times, it will be your cat. Felines possess an amazing ability to show up everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, following no particular schedule.

But worry not! LikeAble always keeps an eye out, so that no cheeky kitty will be able to surprise you with an unexpected appearing act.

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Now, are you sure you need all these clothes?

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Checking the oil

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Guarding the beer

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In your mail

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Somewhere between your bills and old TV manuals

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Check out the acoustics in here!

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Cluttering the gutters

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In your gym bag

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Getting ready for a fancy dinner party

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At the end of Chapter 5

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Filling up two boxes at a time

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Pssst! You’re gonna lose!

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Wishing he could go with you

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Keep your kitten handy

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There’s no tea

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As a door stopper

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Ready for a workout

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Pretending to be the cuddliest of lucky charms