20 adorable animals who have absolutely no idea what caused that mess

Every pet owner knows that leaving your pet at home alone is potentially fraught with terrible consequences. But however big a mess they end up causing, it’s just impossible to be angry at them for long.

Here are 20 truly adorable pets who, judging by their expressions, have absolutely no idea what caused that mess they’re standing in.

The packet burst itself, I swear!


I don’t suppose you know which terrible person it was that unwound all the toilet paper while I was taking a bath…?


…Something wrong?


This toilet paper is clearly defective…


I have no idea how this happened…


This cat is trying to set me up. I’m telling you!


I am in shock. Who could have made such mess?


It looks like someone’s stealing our laundry. No idea who it could be…


…What, ME? What reason would I have to do this?


The wind was unusually strong today.


I’m as confused as you. Who on Earth could do this?


Well, look at me! There’s no way I could have managed this…


You need to keep an eye on your child. Just look what he’s done!

What a mess!


I never touched it.


I told you we would have problems with this cat.


What are you looking at me like that for? I was just sitting here the whole time.

Don’t look at me, it was like this when I got here.


Don’t be angry with me…pleeease?