20 Amazing Photos Showing How Nature Can Defeat Civilization

It is sometimes said that in the eternal confrontation between man and nature, there is no winner. However, once there is a crack in a building, or a broken car stays unattended for a certain amount of time, we’ve all seen how vegetation immediately starts to seize control of it. Nature reasserts its grip.

Take a walk through the abandoned tunnels, ships, mansions and 20 other objects, which, though they were created by man, soon became part of the natural landscape. These are some thought-provoking images.

A tree in a piano, California.

The victory of the trees over concrete, Hong Kong.

A railway in Paris, France.

A bicycle which has been ’eaten’ by a tree.

A natural aquarium in an abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

An old mill in Sorrento, Italy.

An abandoned Ferris wheel.

A car ’cemetery’, Belgium.

An abandoned mining town, Namibia.

A 160-year-old railway in Paris, France.

A 100-year-old ship in Sydney, Australia.

Tree roots repeating the pattern of the paving stones on a side walk.

The abandoned radioactive city of Pripyat, Ukraine.

A forgotten mansion, Ireland.

A railway station, Abkhazia.

A former cooling tower, Belgium.

Angkor, Cambodia.

A room in an abandoned hotel.

The ruins of a fishing town on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

A fishing village, China.

Preview photo credit Jane Qing