These 20 cute hairstyles are so easy anyone can do them

Ponytails and braids are not your only options. LikeAble has selected these cute hairstyles speicllay for you. They all look amazing, and each one only takes a few seconds to do. A Japanese beauty website, Kamimado created these wonderful colourful instructions to suit everyone’s taste. Take a look.

A low ponytail with twists

A side twist in a braided style

A double knot

A «Greek» hairstyle with braids

A great tip for a great hair bun

A hair bow

Twisted bangs

Voluminous bangs

A gorgeous side bun with a braid

An alternative side bun with a braid

Side bun with a braid number 3

A cute and easy updo with braids

A cute and easy updo with braids (2)

A bandless ponytail

A three-tiered ponytail

A braided wrap-around ponytail

A cute hair knot

An elegant low bun

Braided bangs

A voluminous French braid

Source: Kamimado