20 Dogs and Cats Who Definitely Failed to Make Friends with the Christmas Tree

December 27, 2016

Our pet dogs and cats can be the most charming animals on the planet, but ahead of upcoming celebrations and events, for reasons we still don’t understand, they goal often emerges in them to mess things up. Decorations, and above all, the Christmas tree are often seen as an enemy which must be defeated for the good of the household.

Here are just 20 furry little trouble-makers who took a dislike to their families’ end-of-year celebrations. We suspect some of these scenes will be familiar to you!

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Thank goodness you’re back! The Christmas tree fell unconscious!

© WildSquirtle

Leave me, save yourself!

© alexisallgood

Mmmm, plastic popsicle….

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This green thing things it can rob our house — well, we’ll see about that!

© Adam Preble

Oh…hey! You’re up early…

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That’s one efficient kitty- she’s destroying the ornaments, fairy lights, and sweets all at the same time!

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It had to be done…

© sandiwiseheart

We never touched it…

© boredpanda

It’s not very tasty, but someone’s got to do it…

© heavy

Catch me if you can!

© Beagles to the Resque

This infernal twinkling snake has caught me in its clutches!

© Teresa Brevini

Look a bit closer…There he is! Searching for Santa Claus…

© tchim

It was in my favourite spot, so I sorted things out.

© boredpanda

I didn’t see anything! It was the cat!

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It’s the end for you, little lights!

© Lina Petkute

A festive cat gathering.

© xaxor

Thanks for the new bed! I love it!

© hmargaretm

Who are you! Get out of my house!

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Thanks for the new hair brush!

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