20 Dogs That Are Totally Worth Your Time on the Internet

Pictures of hilarious animals are probably the best thing that has ever happened to the Internet. And we would like to thank the owners of these pets for capturing and sharing the most interesting and funniest moments with us.

We at LikeAble have collected 20 photos of dogs along with humorous comments from their owners that will definitely cheer you up.

My dog ran away, and after hours of looking for him I came home to this…

I just found a real seal in my apartment.

They think they’re going to the vet, but in reality they are headed to the dog park.

My pet thinks he has to wait in line to get a treat.

When assembling your dog kit, be sure to read all the instructions to avoid disasters like this…

My sister’s dog looks like she just told the funniest joke ever.

My golden retriever decided to roll on the freshly mowed lawn.

Caught him trying to pickpocket my mom’s purse.

$100 bed.

I suddenly found these two trying to drown their brother.

Every day I walk my dog, and he always finds the biggest stick possible as a gift for the “big dogs.”

I’ve heard that dogs are usually excited to see their owners when they get home. And this is how my dog greets me when I get home…

My friend’s husky when the vacuum cleaner comes on.

My dog is pregnant, and this is how she sleeps…

And this is how my dog falls asleep on the couch.

Meet our doggosaurus Rex!

My puppy won first place in a hunting dogs competition. Just take a look at his proud and cute face!

Guess which of these three doesn’t like to get up early in the morning?

My pet hates getting washed, but he knows if he stays still it will end quicker.

If my dog had an account on social networks, this would be his profile picture!

Preview photo credit lacajadeldiablo/ reddit

Based on materials from Bored Panda