20 Hilarious Animals Who Are Convinced They’re Masters of Disguise

Maybe you’ve got one of those pets who thinks of themselves as something of a little camouflage expert. There’s only one problem with a pet like this: it can be a real challenge to find where they’re hiding! Here are some cunning pets who decided to hide from their owners. Can you see them?


He’s the spitting image!

A master-class in disguise.

I’m working undercover. Shhhh!

Whatcha lookin’ at? I’m a towel!

I got up in the morning, walked into the bathroom and… this was waiting for me!

Wildlife and the rules of survival.

Oh, I could shed my coat endlessly on this carpet. Purr-r-r.

There’s a new toy in my collection!

That moment when an old wardrobe proves to be extremely useful.

I’m a leopard, you know, from the cat family…heard about me? Rrrrr.

The moment just before the pur-r-r-ring begins!

They won’t find me here!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I was a master of disguise from the moment I was born.

Winter camouflage: simple, but perfect.

Alert! We’ve been found!

A quilt, or a cat? That is the question.

Lost in the folds.

Don’t move, don’t move! Wait till he’s taken his photo and left…


Oh, I give up!

Mission impossible: Mus…hide…the nut!