20 Incredible Office Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

Do you feel like your office is a dull, boring place that’s lacking positivity and creative energy? LikeAble found 20 awesome gadgets that would add extra joy and convenience to your life and make your workday go by a lot faster.

Do you ever wish you had a mug that could keep your coffee hot for hours, or a comfortable place to rest your feet while you sit at a desk? Well, then you’ll definitely want to own all of these fantastic items below.

1. The sticky note roll

© fancy

No more searching for those bits of paper all over the place.

2. Flexible storage straps

© Amazon

Keep all of your items within reach with these space-saving straps.

3. Post-it watches

© Amazon

A perfect reminder that ensures you will never forget another task or event.

4. A paper table

© Turnstone

This great product makes collaborating and sharing ideas easier.

5. The notepaper roller

© uncommongoods

Tear off the exact amount of paper that you need for the task. A really smart design!

6. The mini zen garden

© Etsy

A great way to relax and to add some greenery to your desk.

7. Error message sticky notes

© Blogof

A fun way to communicate with your coworkers.

8. A hammock for your feet

© connectdesign

A dream come true! Give your feet a rest with this under-desk hammock.

9. The personal mini-fridge

© newegg

Perfect to keep your snacks close…and maybe even some beer!

10. A stealth switch

© Amazon

Give it a tap to hide any non-work related applications and windows, when your boss walks by.

11. The portable cup warmer

© Amazon

Your coffee will never get cold again.

12. Hand-warmers for a freezing cold office

© Amazon

Keep your hands toasty with these cute hand-warmers while you type.

13. The calendar stamp

© Blogof

Use this stamp on any sheet of paper, to plan your weekly or monthly activities.

14. The whiteboard wall clock

© Amazon

Perfect for keeping your daily schedule organized. I need one of these!

15. Genuine working tools

© Blogof

These novelty pens make writing more fun!

16. The desk organizer

© Etsy

This organizer will keep your things together and close at hand.

17. The portable document and photo scanner

© Blogof

This handy device scans your documents and photos and sends them to your email or printer via Wi-Fi.

18. Three-point trash basket

© trendhunter.com

Knocking down free throws just became the buzzer beater with the basketball stand wastebasket.

19. A cat USB hub

© slipperybrick.com

Kitty USB hub has 9 lives, only 4 ports.

20. Pooleaf pen

© thegadgetflow.com

Everyone at your office will be fascinated by these pens.