20 ingenious items from the kitchen of the future, already available today

All kinds of new gadgets and devices are becoming increasingly embedded in our everyday lives — including in our kitchens. Nowadays, with the appropriate technology, it’s possible to programme your oven to have your dinner ready for you when you come home from work, or control the stove through your iPhone.

BrightSide.me picked out 20 futuristic devices which, it seems, we’ll all soon have in our kitchens.

The ’Spice Pen’

© cinnibird

This pen lets you ’draw’ using any kind of spice as if it were ink, allowing you to decorate your cappuccino with cinnamon, or a cake with sugar.

A device for determining how fresh your food is

© getperes

If you have any doubts about how fresh some meat is, this thing will help you to make sure.

A modern way to brew coffee

© miito

It looks like a plain rod. But it can heat up any liquid — tea, coffee, soup — while you get on with more important things.

A toaster which will never burn your toast

© magimix

This toaster lets you see the colour of your toast, so you know when to take it out. That way it will never burn — instead, it’ll be done perfectly, every time!

Your own personal barman

© somabarkickstarter

This device can make your favourite cocktail on demand — and do it all in just five seconds!

Mirror Cups

© db-shop

These cups reflect the colourful patterns on their saucers, making selecting ones that match no longer so difficult.

Stretchable food packaging

© shop.adme

This stretchable film is a safe and easy-to-use replacement for plastic bags, which can be used with any kind of food.

The wireless chopping board

© theorangechef

This unusual chopping board connects to your iPad, allowing you to make precise measurements of the number of calories in your food. It also shows the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other nutrients, and can even help you achieve your dieting goals.

A machine for brewing tea

© bkonbrew

No one is impressed by a coffee machine anymore, but what about one which makes tea? This device pumps the air out of a container full of tea leaves and water, changing the pressure inside. It’s said that tea prepared in this way tastes completely different from the stuff you get using the normal method.

The Intelligent Pan

© pantelligent

This frying pan informs you what the correct temperature should be, or when its contents needs to be stirred or turned over. In this way it helps you to cook tasty food like a professional chef.

The pocket coffee machine

© wacaco

With this miniature coffee machine, you can make yourself an espresso wherever you are.

Knives which need sharpening once in 25 years

© aplusrstore

So you don’t have to remind yourself every time before you start cooking.

The hand-held sterilizer

© sharperimage

It kills bacteria using an ultra-violent lamp. Bye bye, germs!

The waste bin with a motion sensor

© simplehuman

This makes things a whole lot easier by employing a very simple idea: the lid opens when you put your hand near it thanks to a special motion sensor.

Start making supper even before you’ve left the office

© amazon

With the help of a special app and this stove, you can start cooking at any moment. When you go home, a nice hot dinner is already waiting for you.

The flexible lunch box

© domalina

The flexible lunch box lets you keep any sandwich just as you made it in the morning.

The boiling pod

© shop.adme

It may look very strange, but the boiling pod lets you keep vegetables together while you cook them.

The Vertical Cooking System

© klapper

This device provides the simplest and quickest way to make an omelette, or a cinnamon bun, or a pizza. Your food might end up looking a bit strange, but it will be very tasty nonetheless.

A device for keeping food frozen

© thatinventions

Now you don’t need to worry about your ice cream melting while you eat it.

Star Wars R2-D2 coffee press

© thinkgeek

R2-D2 coffee press will give you the force to wake up. Just put your grounds and boiling water into the droid’s glass body, let it brew for a couple of minutes, and push down the plunger.