The 20 most inspirational websites on the net

The easiest way to awaken your imagination and spark your creative energy is to let others inspire you!

We here at LikeAble have collected a set of unusual places where you can get your inspiration by looking at other people’s work. All these websites are highly specialized and talk about sources of ideas you never even knew existed!


Users upload their creations to the site such as photos, art, posters and organize them into thematic collections and then sharing them with others.

One Eye Land

This resource is devoted to photography. Lots of galleries for new creative ideas.

The Oodles of Doodles Pool

This website contains countless intricate designs that will keep you enthralled and mesmerized for hours.


One of the major social networks for designers, where they can share their projects and the details of their implementation.

Lovely Package

Here you will find examples of beautiful, yet utilitarian packaging design. The website shows and tells you about the art of presenting product to consumers. Simply invaluable to product designers.


This site contains numerous selections of logos, illustrations, business cards, posters, packaging, architectural solutions, centerfolds of magazines and books. Hurry up and check it out!

The Best Designs

This online resourse is created specifically for web designers. Lots of interesting and beautiful web design solutions are waiting for you here.

Typography Served

A collection of best fonts, illustrated texts and creative typography.


Here designers, illustrators and photographers exhibit their works, share experiences, receive feedbacks and comment on the works of colleagues. That’s the team spirit!

The Dieline

A leding web portal for packaging design.


Here you will find animated graphics and special effects. You will notice, that with its artistic videos, Vimeo is quite a unique website. It even outdoes Youtube in that respect.


This site contains a wide variety of logos. Here you can always find fresh ideas to create a beautiful logo.

The Book Cover Archive

A huge collection of book covers and examples of how to design them. You will find that the best examples of designers’ creativity are showcased in here.

Visual Complexity

Simply an ideal place for those who love to lose themselves in the world of fancy by marvelling at these sophisticated pictures.

Graphic Exchange

A great resourсe for those after graphic designs and illustrations.


Conceptual works of creative designers.


People on Ffffound share interesting images and photos found on the internet.

Pattern Tap

A collection of resources arranged by categories: magnificent website backgrounds, creative buttons, graphic illustrations and much, much more…

Note Point

A plethora of superb high quality PowerPoint presentations are stored in here.

Information Is Beautiful

Who said statistics is boring? Forget about it. This website will teach you how to present the information in the most fascinating manner. And no, you don’t even have to thank us.